Japanese Men’s Soccer Team Captain

Halihovic was fired from the captain of the Japanese national soccer team under the circumstance that there is a few months until the World Cup in Russia. I heard that some players on the Japanese team had complaints about him, so they didn’t obey his orders. He worked hard for the team and wanted to change the style of their play, but didn’t get any good results. It was a sad thing. I’ m afraid of the successor, Nishino, could handle the team. I hope he and the Japanese Football Association will do their best



Cute Tennis Player

Naomi Osaka is a tennis player whose father is American and mother is Japanese. She hits well with good ball placement. Her style of play is eccentric, but her speech after her games are very quiet on the contrary. But she has a great humor. After the acceptance speeches of the Indian Wells 2018, she said that it was the worst one in which she became famous. But her smile is really cute. I don’t have any more to say than that.



Best Fountain in Japan

I want to talk to native English speakers. Recently, there are many tourists who have asked me for directions. One of them asked me  where he could see the best fountain in Osaka. At first, I was confused. I’ve never heard of it. Searching the web, one picture ringed a bell to me. It’s a picture of the fountains in Expo City. It was built in 1970 by the famous architect, Isamu Noguchi, but now, they are not in use. I showed the picture to him and he said that that was exactly what he was looking for. I read the article and it said that the fountains were going to be repaired. I wish he could see these fountains working again someday.



Eight Degrees Below Zero

My daughter asked me if we could go snowboarding. So we went to the Snow Park in Mt. Rokko. In the early morning, we rode on a cable car at the station to the top of the mountain. It was clear and chilly day. While we were waiting for the bus to arrive, bound for the ski resort, the thermometer showed -8 degrees Celsius. Oh, my goodness. It’s been 30 years since I’ve experience such a frozen place. After that day, we saw the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. Over there, everyone complained about the climate. We were able to  understand their complaints because we had already experienced the coldness.



Tokyo Trip


It’s been 30 years now since I last drove to Tokyo. Recently I easily become tired when I drive. At the end of last year, I bought a new car and was looking forward to taking it for a long drive. I decided that that long drive would be to Tokyo with my family. The road between Osaka and Tokyo was reconstructed and it was my first time using it. I felt comfortable and relaxed on the new highways. The service areas were so good, adding nice food and enough rest to my drive. It was also fun to stop there to shop for local sweets, in which you only can only get them in those regions. Although it was a long way, we enjoyed it completely.



I Love Coffee

I 0ften read blogs about food, hobby and life. There’s a popular blog that a Japanese woman writes on coffee in the U.S. Her website is great and very easy for everyone to read, even if you can’t understand English very well. I found that it’s a bit different from Japanese blogs. I had a fresh impression of it due to its color, font and arrangement. I hope I could write as well as her and have a nice site some day.



Groundhog Day

February 2nd is Groundhog Day. People gather and celebrate it in a small town in Pennsylvania. A ground hog  is awaken from its winter sleep in front of the crowd. If it’s fine, it goes back into its tunnel. Spring won’t come yet until after six weeks. If it rains or is cloudy, it doesn’t go back into its tunnel and spring will come soon. I guess that there are a lot of similar festivals all over the world. Everyone hopes for a rich harvest. It’s only the groundhog who doesn’t care. It says every year, “Who are you? Don’t disturb!”



Tomb of Jesus in Japan?

I used to read some comic magazines when I was a boy. They had some peculiar articles such as the mammy of the mermaid, the last Japanese wolf and the grave of Christ in Japan. One of those magazines said the grave was in Herai village in Aomori prefecture. The evidence that Jesus came to Japan was poor and ridiculous, but I once believed that it was true. Even now, I’m interested in searching for the wreck of Noah’s Ark.



The early bird catches the worm

Bright cold winter mornings are good. I’m the early bird sometimes. I sip coffee and walk about along the river. It’s important that you feel a bit hungry still. You might want to pick up some sweets or bread. But, an empty stomach stimulate your brain. It may allow you to come up with good ideas. I keep walking without negative thought annoying me. There is only one thing that I think about. What should I have for lunch?



Dietary Supplement

I read the news that turmeric doesn’t affect your good health. I don’t know if it is true or not. Many people believe that if you take it before drinking alcohol, you won’t get a hang over. I sometimes would see a famous doctor on TV who advise that people should take dietary supplement. People who watch the program would rush to the store to buy them until they are sold out. But a few months later, you’ll see much of them in the store. Banana, Natto, vegetable gelatin; what ‘s next to come?