Tomb of Jesus in Japan?

I used to read some comic magazines when I was a boy. They had some peculiar articles such as the mammy of the mermaid, the last Japanese wolf and the grave of Christ in Japan. One of those magazines said the grave was in Herai village in Aomori prefecture. The evidence that Jesus came to Japan was poor and ridiculous, but I once believed that it was true. Even now, I’m interested in searching for the wreck of Noah’s Ark.



The early bird catches the worm

Bright cold winter mornings are good. I’m the early bird sometimes. I sip coffee and walk about along the river. It’s important that you feel a bit hungry still. You might want to pick up some sweets or bread. But, an empty stomach stimulate your brain. It may allow you to come up with good ideas. I keep walking without negative thought annoying me. There is only one thing that I think about. What should I have for lunch?



Dietary Supplement

I read the news that turmeric doesn’t affect your good health. I don’t know if it is true or not. Many people believe that if you take it before drinking alcohol, you won’t get a hang over. I sometimes would see a famous doctor on TV who advise that people should take dietary supplement. People who watch the program would rush to the store to buy them until they are sold out. But a few months later, you’ll see much of them in the store. Banana, Natto, vegetable gelatin; what ‘s next to come?




Daddy Long Legs

Jerusha Abbott was an orphan. She was brought up in an asylum until she turned 17. One of the supporters of the asylum offered her money for her education. He didn’t want to let her know who he was. One thing that he required for her to do was to write a letter to him every month. Judy (she changed her name) wrote a lot of nice and humorous letters about her college, her friends and love. This novel was written by Jean Webster in 1912. Untill now, this book is still so popular that the foundation for the children who have lost their parents was named Daddy-Long-Legs Foundation.




I watched a TV program where people were talking frankly at diners in the U.S. about the new president Donald Trump. Some people were getting angry at what he said about women. I don’t know whether or not he is going to be a good president. You need to keep watching where he wants to go. I was more interested in those diners though. They served good food that you can hardly have in Japan. One diner had a beautiful classical interior design, as another has a 50’s style as if Elvis Presley was standing there.



Old Japanese Novel

I read “Gojyuno Tou”, written by Rohan Koda in 1891. It was written in classical Japanese launguage and uses Buddhism terminologies. At first, I could hardly understand its story. It too a long time to read the biginning of it. But once you are used to it, you can enjoy the discriptions of the charming people in the novel.



Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher died at the age of 60. I remembered how brilliant she was in the first Star Wars movie. I’ve not seen the Force Awaken yet, but I am looking forward to seeing her, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford in it. Recently, I read the news that she complained that she had to lose weight for the new   Star Wars series. She suffered a heart attack from the long flight avove the Atlantic Ocean. I’m afraid it was her hard diet that caused this tragedy.



Curious Sound

Crack, crack, crack… Every morning, I hear a sound that comes from the top of the utility pole in front of my house. A crow is scraping its beak against the insulator of the electric wire. I can see that this is what makes the noise. Why does it do such an act? I guess it is removing oil or other debris from its beak as if it is brushing its teeth.



Funny Message

There was a funny spot commercial for an English school 20 years ago. Two men were standing in an elevator. One was an old white foreigner looked as if he was a professor as there was something strange about him. The other was a younger Japanese man, a popular actor. The younger man said, “Mr. Brown, bananas are sticking of your ears.” But Mr. Brown didn’t notice his comment. He said it again but this time he wispered, “Mr. Brown…” I love it.



The Museum of Ethnology

It’s a curious place. You are surrounded by a lot of masks. there are those that came from Africa, Oceania, Asia, and all over the world. There are some that are laughing and some that are trying to scare you. I suppose that those are ones that want to tell you something.