Beautiful Airplane

A Japanese company restored an old airplane. Its name is Hien. It is a Japanese Army combat aircraft that has a eatiful slim shape body. They displayed it at the Kobe Port Terminal. They were a lot of people at the booth. They saw  it eagerly and took some photos of it. I was satisfied to see the details of the precious airplane as it reminded me of the similar strange feeling that I once had when I saw a beautiful Japanes sword.



At The Restaurant

My wife went to her parent’ house again last Thursday. My daughter and I cooked supper on Thursday. We went out for dinner Frighday night. We went to the old Japanese style diner that I’ve been to before with my classmates in my English class. My daughter seemed like she had a lot of fun. I was surprised that she was friendly talking with other people there.




A Japanese scientist got the Novel Prize in Physiology or Medicine this year. His research was about recycling cellular components. A lot of components, for example, protein, are changing and being made into new ones constantly every day. How ingenious is the activity of the cells in the human body. There are other amazing works that takes place in the making of protein. One of those is the work of chaperone. I’m very interested in it. I hope those who are reserching it can get the Nobel Prize some day.



Chores With My Daughter

My wife went to her parents’ house in Hiroshima. My daughter and I did the homework together for a couple of days. At first, we didn’t know how to divide our roles. She  complaned about everything I did. But gradually, we could do well with each other. She cooked for dinner and I did the dishes. She cleand the bath room and I tidied up the laundry. After the rain comes fair weather.



Dental Floss

Federal goverment acknowledged that daily flossing is ineffective in preventing cavities and gum disease. They said that the scientific evidence was poor. The announcement caused a lot of response. An American blogger got angry with the federal goverment, as flossing has been recommended since 1979. Japanese dentists are confused too, as to whether it is true or not. But recommendations for health are changing. The new study paper about the usefullness of flossing might show us an opposite result.




S.O.A.P. is an acronym for writing clinical records.


Subject: chief compliment that a patient has

Object: describes an are of abnormal tissue

Assessment: a guess of the cause

Plan: how to care


This writing form fits me well for many reasons. It allows me to concentrate to better assist the condition of the patient and as well as to help keep my ideas of treatment in order.




Difference Between Scotland and Japan

I would sometimes read a blog from a Japanese woman who lives in Scotland. She once wrote a blog on how to boiled an g in Scotland. She learned in school that she should put an egg in the water and heat it. She thought at first that it was important not to crack the egg. But her husband and her mother-in-low would put it straight in the boiling hot water without cracking it first. I don’t know which is right. She also mentioned how to eat csereal. She mentioned how some Spanish-speaking people eat cereal with tomato juice. I don’t think I would be able to do what they do.




As you grow older, you can began to see some difficulties in your body. Miss-swallowing is one of these. It can cause serious problems on your health. Do you dare to take the swallowing test? First, touch your throat with your fingers, checking its mevement. Count how many time you can swallow your saliva within 30 seconds. If your score is less than three, you should have it checkes out at the dentistry.



Air Condition

It has been hot all week. During the day, I would always stay in a room with moderate temperature. But at night when I go to bed, I turn off the air conditioner. I love to feel the breeze from the window. As I grow older, my feelings toward the temperature has changed.



Pokemon Go

How many people are playing Pokemon Go in the Syukugawa area? Usually, there are a few passers who would pass by the neighborhood of my house. But recently ,because Takatuka park is a Poke Stop, l see various people walking around there more often now. I saw two old ladies who were wondering where they should go with their iPad in hand. Another time I saw a sports car stopped as the driver dashed out immediately to collect poke balls. I might have to tell them to be careful not to get into any accidents.