Summer Sweets

I like walking around strange places. Last Monday, I went to the Iwasimizu Hatimann shurine. It was on the top of the hill. I walked about an hour and a half. It was a hot day. I needed to take a rest from the long walk so I stopped by a Japanese traditional style cafe that sold some sweets and tea. The kuzumoti sweets were nice. It had no flavor but I enjoyed the texture of it when it touches the top of my mouse.




I went to Sannomiya to shop with my family. They had a summer sale. I wanted to buy a new lightweight backpack, as my old one is a bit heavy. My daughter recommended an orange backpack of the same kind that she had. I was afraid that the color was too bright at first, but its usuabilty is very good. So, I think I’m going to be fond of it.




Book-off is one of my favorite shops. You can buy a book for a low price there. I found an interesting while I was there. It’s a history novel called “Elizabeth”. Elizabeth was the Queen of England and Ireland during the 16th century. I don’t know who she was or the accurate affairs in which she was part of, but I was able to easily find information on William Shakespeare, the defeats of the Spanish Armada, and pirates of Caribbean during her age.



Swallows Take Insects

Do you know how many insects a bird eats per year? It’s surprisingly over 180,000 insects. I always see swallows flying above my head. I guess they are catching insects. They fly back to their nest with insects every minute. Interestingly, they stop feeding their babies when they can’t find enough insects.



Rokko Island

I haven’t been to Rokko Island for 10years. I forgot the directions and how to get there by car. But I managed to find it. My daughter has been recently interested in American comics. So our family searched for comic books in the Foreign Buyers’ Club, a store on Rokko Island. After shopping, we had supper at a cafe. It had nice terrace seats as a lot of foreign people enjoyed their Saturday evening there.



Missing Child

I was very relived to hear the news that the missing child was found. This news was the object of all Japanese people’s attention. Even in the U.S. and in other countries, people’s eyes were focused on it. I saw the Yahoo U.S. news. It showed this affair with the title that read, “Parents abondoned their child in the forest.” I feel that this title is a misreading one. I wonder if I was the parent of the child, if I would have done the right thing. Disciplining is always difficult for me.



Illustrated Books

What are the names of the birds singing in the sky? What’s the name of the type of grass growing on the ground? Illustrated books will tell you the correct answer. I love them. I enjoy the beatiful illustrations that show me all kinds of fascinating creatures. I prefer  botanical pictures than photos. My favorite is the one of plankton.



A La Brooklyn

I found that Brooklyn is a hot spot in New York. When we watch movies that are set in Brooklyn, we can see that there are a lot of good restaurants and shops there. It seems like Brooklyn has become a popular place in Japan too. Many magazines have articles about it. I’ve been to the cafe named Brooklyn Parlor. In Asiya, ther is even a dental office that is in a la Brooklyn.




I was so shocked to hear that Prince died. There were two big icons in the music world during the 80’s. One was Michael Jackson and the other was Prince. In the early years of MTV, their songs were usually in the top 10 music charts. In 1987, Prince came to Japan. I went his concert. It was amazing. His performance was powerful and the back-up dancers were great. I felt as if sweat were spattered onto us. It was the best concert that I’ve been to.



Do You Like Fish?

I found a new fish shop while watching T.V. It’s near Tennouji, half way between my house and my mother’s house. It’s convenient for me to drop by there. I bought many kinds of fish there. There were two dishes that were raw and one was boiled. They were pretty good but pretty expensive. Eating fish is good for your health, but eating healthy is costy.