Cheese Tempts Me

I love cheese. I love the smell of it. There are many types of cheese. Some of them are very expensive, but St. Andre, White Castello, and Brie are reasonably price and taste good. You can choose some wines (even low priced ones can be good) and have them with cheese and cracker.  If you find the vest matching conbination of cheese and wine, your supper turns into a royal feast.



Mistake of the Operation

I’ve installed a security system in my house. The system is composed of sensors and a control box. If someone tries to intrude through the door, the sensors will catch him or her and will send a signal to the box, which will then sound the alarm. After setting up the equipment, I read the explanation on how to use it. That night, I turned it on, but my wife had opened the back door. The box cried out, “Someone is coming in.” I must stop the alarm. In a panic, I touched the upper side of the panel. Oh! It was the emergency call buttom. This machine hates me.



51 English Diaries

I wote my first English diary in October of 2013. Till now, I’ve been struggling with it. I have a limited amount of vocabulary words that I can use. But the writing has become more enjoyable than it used to be. At first, I could hardly recognize the difference between “a” and “the”. In the last lesson, I learned about “the news”. It is a small step but enough for me. Thank you very much, Christine. I can continue to write because of your help.




There are many words that are related to the Bible in the movie EVANGELION. One of them, the Magi, is a super computer at NERV’s headquarters. It’s composed of three independ computers. The director, Hideake Anno, has a lot of knowledge, but he doesn’t even know that the Bible didn’t say that the Magi were three.



Concerns For My Eyes

Since the time I bought a cell phone, I’ve felt that there was something wrong with my eyes. I worried and went to an eye doctor. The doctor said that I had a slight cataract and should not worry too much about it. I decided to buy a new pair of dark glasses. I found a nice pair in an optician.



UK’s Fair

The Hankyu Department Store held an U.K. exhibition. There were a lot of booth.s. Some of them had long lines for buying cakes and fish & chips. A embyoung man was making pewter works. I was interested in his work and I bought one of them. I saw embroiderd cushions that looked beautiful, but they were too expensive. I walked around looking for some things that I could buy. I found a nice pair slippers. I bought it for my wife.



I Want To Go To Scotland

I went to the Kobe Club at Kitano in Kobe City. It was the first time for me to visit because usually, only members are allowed to enter. A ter party was held by the Japan Scotland Assosiation. They served afternoon tea with food and cakes. One of the members spoke about Scotland. I didn’t know much, but that event helped me become familiar with Scotland.



Humorous Shape

Autumn is a good season for walking about. The sky is clear and the air is cool. I can walk further than usual. One day I picked up a seed in the park near the church. I knew instantly that it was a camellia seed. I like the shape of it. It have rich oil. In the old days, some Japanese people used the oil for hair treatment. Even now, I can see Tubaki-Oil shampoo
in the stores.



Wild Boar Family

On Monday night, my wife and I went to a convenient store. When we were out of our apartment, we ran into a big wild boar, a mother with her three children. At first, we were scared, but then when we got into the car, we calmed down. We thought that we should take a photo or record a video. When my wife took out her iphone, the neighborhood dogs started to bark. Suddenly, the wild boar family dashed downhill at full speed. I hope no cars hit them.



Good-bye, Robin Williams

I can’t forget him being the voice of Genie in the Disney movie Aladdin. He was singing and dancing freely in it. But did he always feel that something was strange? Did he act like “Robin Williams” even in his private life? I miss him.