Wild Boar Family

On Monday night, my wife and I went to a convenient store. When we were out of our apartment, we ran into a big wild boar, a mother with her three children. At first, we were scared, but then when we got into the car, we calmed down. We thought that we should take a photo or record a video. When my wife took out her iphone, the neighborhood dogs started to bark. Suddenly, the wild boar family dashed downhill at full speed. I hope no cars hit them.



Good-bye, Robin Williams

I can’t forget him being the voice of Genie in the Disney movie Aladdin. He was singing and dancing freely in it. But did he always feel that something was strange? Did he act like “Robin Williams” even in his private life? I miss him.




Harry Potter of USJ

I watched the news about the opening of the Harry Potter atraction at USJ. It reminded me of how Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone was one of the first English books that I’ve wanted to read. I read it in Japanese and I’ve read it in English. Although it was too difficult for me to fully understand it, I was surprised when I found out how fun it is to read it even in English.



Japanese Ghosts Has No Legs.

OUKYO MARUYAMA is a famous Japanese painter. He drew pictures of cute kids and gorgeous pheasants. On the other hand, he was good at drawing ghosts too. A feature of the ghosts that he drew was that they had no legs. They were so popular that they influenced other paintings. There are a lot of fake paintings that claims to have been painted by Oukyo. People often say that they wish they could see a genuine OUKYO artwork or a real ghost.



Ivica Osim

Ivica Osim was the former head coach of the japanese national soccer team. Because of a stroke, he was resigned. But up until now, he is still talking a lot about Japan’s soccer team. He was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Destiny played with his life, so his words are full of mercy. Sometimes, he is ironic and other times, he is strict. He is like an old philosopher.




I read a recipe on how to make Turkey Lasagna. In the ingredients, I didn’t recognize what kosher salt was. Is it salt from the Dead Sea? And in the directions, there was one other word that I couldn’t understand. It said, “Fill a large bowl with the hottest tap water. Add the noodles and allow them to sit in the water for 20 minutes.” I couldn’t imagine what the hottest tap water was.